Oct. 23rd, 2014

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Dear (Wonderful) Author,

First off, I want to say thank you for writing for me, and thank you SO MUCH for offering any and all of the fandoms we matched on, because they are all dear to my heart. I cannot wait to see what you create. I also want to say that I will probably blather on below, but the blathering is more because I like blathering about my fandoms than because I am expecting anything Super Specific out of you. If you have an idea for one of these fandoms that you want to run with, feel free! A story that you enjoy writing will definitely make me happy.

General Likes and Dislikes

Yes Please: Happy endings are definitely my biggest "yes definitely this"! Happy or at least hopeful. Angst for spice is fine (great, actually!), but overall happiness is where I am at. I'm also a romance addict, so something shippy is also nice, but definitely not required--if you are not into shipping or any ships I mention, I am entirely pleased with the G-est gen. If you do do shipping, any rating at all is fine, and femslash, slash, het, poly, any combination thereof I am totally on board with. I love worldbuilding, getting to see settings and hinted-at things explored, and the gaps in canons explored as well, what happens before and after and in the spaces in between episodes/seasons/etc. I am really fond of AUs, from "what if this tiny thing changed" to "what if they were doing all of this in high school," but I adore all these canons, so again, do not feel pressured to go with an AU. I love ensembles, strong friendships, close relationships, basically people being on each other's side. I love people getting to be competent and creative at what they do. I love hurt/comfort, pining, humor, epistolary fic, banter, UST, romcoms, get-togethers (and first times if you decide to go the porn route), and in general, the tropier the better.

No Thank You: explicit major character death, especially due to cancer or other terminal illness, is my big no. Acknowledging canon character deaths is totally fine, but a fic focused on death will probably not make me happy. I also prefer not to read: infidelity, incest, non-con, emotional or physical domestic/partner abuse (again, for any of these, if it happened in the canon it's fine to acknowledge it, but I prefer that it not be the focus). If you decide to write porn, as long as there's consent I'm pretty open to wherever the spirit movies you, but I prefer no watersports, bloodplay, or scat.

If you have any questions about my likes and dislikes, general or specific, the askbox at my tumblr is always open, anon on, so you or a friend can always ask me. You can also ask Samyazaz, on her tumblr, if you would rather I be more surprised, she has a good idea of my preferences.

Fandom-specific likes and some prompts below the cuts!

Carmilla )

Reign )

How to Get Away with Murder )

The Quest )

Selfie )

Happy writing, author! Do not hesitate to contact me or Samy if you've got questions.


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