Oct. 19th, 2015

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Dear Author,

First of all, thank you for offering any of these fandoms that we happened to match on! I love all of these canons so much, and I am so excited to see whatever you come up with. If you have an idea for one of them that you've been itching to try, feel free to run with it! A story that you enjoy writing will definitely make me happy, and I get wordy because I love all these canons, but please don't feel pressured to do anything super specific that I happen to toss out there.

This is my second year participating in Yuletide, though I've enjoyed the wealth of things it had to offer for several years. If you want to see what I write to get an idea of what I like to read, here's my AO3 profile. If you want clarification about my likes/dislikes/anything, samyazaz is the person to ask, on her tumblr.

General Likes and Dislikes

Yes Please: Happy endings are definitely my biggest! Happy or hopeful. I don't mind angst for spice in the story, but I like to feel like everyone is going to be okay. I love romance, especially the tropey piney sort (of any rating), but don't feel pressure on that front, I will also happily consume gen. I love worldbuilding, getting to see settings and hinted-at things explored, and the gaps in canons explored as well, what happens before and after and in the spaces in between episodes/seasons/etc. I love ensembles, strong friendships, close relationships, basically people being on each other's side. I love people getting to be competent and creative at what they do. I love hurt/comfort, marriage tropes, pining, humor, epistolary fic, banter, UST, romcoms, get-togethers, and in general, as many tropes as you care to give me. AUs are also great for me! Timeline changes, what-ifs, or full on setting changes are always wonderful, though again, as with romance, please don't feel pressured! I love all of these canons and their settings very much.
*Note: I mention poly in a few of these fandoms. If you aren't comfortable with that, don't worry! I don't tend to ship poly unless I happily ship all the pairings within it, so if I request A/B/C and you only feel comfortable with B/C or A/C, that is 100% fine with me.

No Thank You: Explicit major character death, especially due to terminal illness and specifically cancer, is my biggest thing to avoid. Deaths that have canonically happened are fine to acknowledge, but a fic focusing on them probably won't make me happy. I also prefer not to read: infidelity, incest, non-con, medical horror or experimentation, emotional or physical domestic/partner abuse, or graphic/brutal violence (again, for any of these, if it happened in the canon it's fine to acknowledge it, but I prefer that it not be the focus). If you decide to write porn, as long as there's consent I'm pretty open to wherever the spirit movies you, but I prefer no watersports, bloodplay, or scat.

Fandom-specific likes/dislikes/requests are below the cuts!

Galavant )

iZombie )

Killjoys )

Selfie )

Happy writing, author! I hope you've found something in here to catch your interest, and I look forward to seeing whatever you come up with.


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