Feb. 15th, 2017

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Dear Author,

When I heard about this fist, I was so excited! I love fairy tales and folktales and all the ways people retell them, so if we match on a story and you get an idea that inspires you, the first thing I want to tell you is that you don't have to match any of my prompts. I'm most going to enjoy reading something that you enjoy writing. But obviously that's not always a helpful thing to say, so here are some general likes and dislikes and some prompts for the specific tales I requested.

If you want to know more about me and my taste in things, you can find me at lady_ragnell on the AO3 and theladyragnell on tumblr.

General Likes and Dislikes


  • I love happy endings, especially for characters who don't always get them because they're written out of the story or because they were villains who didn't quite get to redeem themselves--angst along the way is more than fine, and acknowledging the darkness of fairy tales, but a happy ending when all is done is my biggest love, or at the very least a hopeful one.

  • AUs! Especially for fairy tales, a new setting is always amazing. Space, a specific time period, college, add or subtract some magic, have them meet online, really any new setting makes for a fresh take on a story.

  • Relationships--whether friendship or romance or family, what I really love is to see characters caring about each other, or learning to do so, and interacting. Found families are great for me, and teams of people coming together, and of course I'm always here for a good love story, especially if it comes with some pining.

  • Worldbuilding is great--feel free to delve into the worlds around any of these stories, the kingdoms (or space stations, or online forums, or whatever) where they happen, how the magic does or doesn't work, really anything. I am always here for worldbuilding.

  • New perspectives and the spaces around stories--missing scenes, focus on side characters, focus on main characters through a side character's POV, what happens before or during or at the same time.


  • Terminal illness, particularly of a parent or parental figure. If a character's parents need to die in a story, that's fine, but please don't focus on it.

  • Darkness without hope, or darkness where things only ever get worse instead of better. Fairy tales can get really dark, and I encourage you to explore that, but I like hope and growth and optimism too much to want to do without it.

Things that do not impact my enjoyment one way or the other, so do what YOU like:

  • If you choose to focus on romance, I don't care if it's f/f, f/m, m/m, or polyamorous, so whatever works for the story and works for you is wonderful for me! If you want to make a princess into a prince or vice versa, that is absolutely fine. Wherever the story takes you!

  • Rating also does not matter to me--I'll take the G-est of G and I'll take E (though for this challenge I love the tales so much that I'd prefer not to have PWP--porn WITH plot is fine, though)

  • Fairy tale crossovers--if there's a prompt for a minor character having adventures and you want to steal another tale or a minor character from that tale to do so, that's awesome! If there's a prompt for a minor character having adventures and you make up your own original story for them, that is also amazing!

And now for the tales themselves!

12 Dancing Princesses )One-eye Two-eyes and Three-eyes )King Lindorm )

Puddocky )The Twelve Huntsmen )Thank you so much for writing for me, dear author! I can't wait to read whatever you come up with, and I hope you have fun.


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