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Find Out What I'm Feeling

Title: Find Out What I'm Feeling
Wordcount: ~19,370
Content notice: contains some references to Grantaire's drinking, but it isn't a focus of the story.
Summary:When Marius's girlfriend Cosette writes an article about Enjolras's campaign for a seat in the state House of Representatives (not to mention his attempts to start a new political party) and mistakenly mentions Grantaire as his boyfriend, Enjolras ends up pretending to date him in the media storm that follows. He's not sure why Grantaire says yes, but he's starting to want to find out.
A/N: I am just wandering all over fandoms like nobody's business lately. Written for the "fake relationship" square on my Trope Bingo card (and I got my bingo!). Title from "Feelings Show" by Colbie Caillat.
Disclaimer: I do not own Les Mis.

Enjolras will always blame the whole thing on Marius, because it starts when Marius brings his new girlfriend to one of their campaign meetings.