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lady_ragnell ([personal profile] lady_ragnell) wrote2013-07-03 01:07 am
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Trope Bingo REDUX

Since I had such fun last time, and they had such a good list of tropes this time, I requested a card, and I got an awesome spread of things to play with! So expect these things to be showing up over the next several months:

soul bonding / soulmates futurefic forbidden fruit sex pollen curtainfic
au: historical au: romance novel mind games transformations bets / wagers
au: mundane au: royalty / aristocracy / feudal power dynamics matchmaker rites of passage / coming of age
handcuffed / bound together fake relationship role reversal chosen family first time / last time
au: other road trip in vino veritas / drunkfic au: fusion presumed dead

Also, I'm taking part in [ profile] summerpornathon again this year, so I'll be posting those fics up on the AO3 weekly, I'll link it all as a series at the end of the summer over here.

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