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Dear Yuletide Writer

Dear Author,

First of all, thank you for offering any of these fandoms that we happened to match on! I love all of these canons so much, and I am so excited to see whatever you come up with. If you have an idea for one of them that you've been itching to try, feel free to run with it! A story that you enjoy writing will definitely make me happy, and I get wordy because I love all these canons, but please don't feel pressured to do anything super specific that I happen to toss out there.

This is my second year participating in Yuletide, though I've enjoyed the wealth of things it had to offer for several years. If you want to see what I write to get an idea of what I like to read, here's my AO3 profile. If you want clarification about my likes/dislikes/anything, samyazaz is the person to ask, on her tumblr.

General Likes and Dislikes

Yes Please: Happy endings are definitely my biggest! Happy or hopeful. I don't mind angst for spice in the story, but I like to feel like everyone is going to be okay. I love romance, especially the tropey piney sort (of any rating), but don't feel pressure on that front, I will also happily consume gen. I love worldbuilding, getting to see settings and hinted-at things explored, and the gaps in canons explored as well, what happens before and after and in the spaces in between episodes/seasons/etc. I love ensembles, strong friendships, close relationships, basically people being on each other's side. I love people getting to be competent and creative at what they do. I love hurt/comfort, marriage tropes, pining, humor, epistolary fic, banter, UST, romcoms, get-togethers, and in general, as many tropes as you care to give me. AUs are also great for me! Timeline changes, what-ifs, or full on setting changes are always wonderful, though again, as with romance, please don't feel pressured! I love all of these canons and their settings very much.
*Note: I mention poly in a few of these fandoms. If you aren't comfortable with that, don't worry! I don't tend to ship poly unless I happily ship all the pairings within it, so if I request A/B/C and you only feel comfortable with B/C or A/C, that is 100% fine with me.

No Thank You: Explicit major character death, especially due to terminal illness and specifically cancer, is my biggest thing to avoid. Deaths that have canonically happened are fine to acknowledge, but a fic focusing on them probably won't make me happy. I also prefer not to read: infidelity, incest, non-con, medical horror or experimentation, emotional or physical domestic/partner abuse, or graphic/brutal violence (again, for any of these, if it happened in the canon it's fine to acknowledge it, but I prefer that it not be the focus). If you decide to write porn, as long as there's consent I'm pretty open to wherever the spirit movies you, but I prefer no watersports, bloodplay, or scat.

Fandom-specific likes/dislikes/requests are below the cuts!

Requested characters: Galavant, Isabella, Sidney

Galavant is a high fantasy musical sitcom. Its first season was eight half-hour episodes, so if you matched on one of my other canons but don't love my prompts, this is probably the easiest one to jump into (if you want to know if it's for you, this video of the opening number might give you some idea)! It's full of zany antics and tropes and winks and musical numbers written by the inimitable Alan Menken. This is my tag for it on tumblr, if you want to see more of what I love about it.

These three are my favorite part of the show! I loved their travels especially, but really all their interactions are golden, and I love them as an OT3 and as component parts of an OT3. (I also adore the ensemble, particularly Madalena but really everyone, so don't feel you have to avoid anyone if you want extra characters.)

-Trope fic! Huddling for warmth on the road, more pretend dating from Isabella and Sid when they have to go back to visit his parents, someone getting dosed with a love potion, this canon is an amazing opportunity for so many tropes and any or all of them will delight me.
-Fix the season ending! Isabella can escape from Harry and go round up Galavant to spring Sid out of prison, or Galavant can rescue them both, or whatever option that you happen to come up with, but I'd love to have that cliffhanger unhung. (Musical numbers optional but welcome.)
-AUs! I cannot think of an AU that would not make me happy in this fandom. Space? Amazing. Thieves? Sign me up. Hollywood AU? YES PLEASE. (I particularly love the thought of Galavant as a Hollywood heartthrob whose flop of a picture demoralized him, with Sid as his PA and Isabella as an aspiring starlet or director.)

Requested characters: Liv Moore, Ravi Chakrabarti

iZombie is a show in its second season on the CW, about a new zombie named Liv solving crimes with the psychic visions that eating brains gives her. Liv has a tough time of it, what with her life becoming an unlife so quickly, but it's made a lot more bearable by her co-worker and increasingly dear friend Ravi, the medical examiner she assists. They're really the heart of the show for me, and I love their banter endlessly. I also want them to kiss sort of a lot, though gen is obviously also wonderful.

This is my tumblr tag for the show if you want to know more about what I tend to focus in on!

-Who is Liv Moore? She's someone new every week, thanks to the mechanism of the brains, but who is she underneath that? We only got to see her for a couple minutes in the pilot, and she shines through sometimes, but who is she? How does Ravi learn to triangulate what's Liv and what's her meal of the week? Does she ever feel like she's losing herself, and how can Ravi help with that?
-Cured Liv! I am 99% sure this is never going to happen in the show because the show kind of depends on her solving crime through brain-eating, but I want to see it explored in fic so badly. The immediate shakily-happy aftermath? Liv getting back to her life and trying to mend fences with family and friends? Ravi worrying that she won't want to work in the ME's office anymore? I would just love to see her cured and see them figuring out how that changes and doesn't change her life and their friendship/relationship.
-I am always a sucker for one-person-gets-endangered-and-the-other-worries-and-saves-them fic, but for some reason it's even worse with these two! Have Ravi injured in the course of a case or Liv dealing with a zombie ailment and the other one worrying about them and I am in the palm of your hand.
-I also tend to OT3 them with a lot of people! I didn't request any of the others because it's a messy way to request things, but if you're up for it, Liv/Ravi/Clive, Liv/Ravi/Peyton, and Liv/Ravi/Lowell are all things that I am super interested in. Get-togethers, PWP, whatever works for you.

Requested characters: any

Killjoys is a Syfy show whose first season aired over the summer, ten episodes. The worldbuilding and the characters, from our main ones to the recurring characters, are all AMAZING, which is why I'm not requesting specific characters in this fandom! This fandom deserves so much fic and I want to give you an opportunity to write what inspires you. I love Dutch and Johnny, they're the heart of the show for me (I still haven't decided if I'm interested in them as a romance, but if you want to convince me feel free, I am very easily convinced). I love the world they're putting together for us, the religion and the political tensions and the sense that this is only a small corner of a bigger universe. I love Pawter and Alvis and Bellus and Delle Seyah (and Delle Seyah/Dutch, if you would like to write me some porn I am here for it) and Lucy the AI and really, really everything. My feelings can also be found in my Killjoys tag on my tumblr.

-Backstories and world exploration! Dutch and Johnny's first meeting, or somewhere they traveled before they got to the quad. How Alvis became a scarback and what his history with Dutch is. How Pree bought the bar. Pawter's childhood, and what she thinks of Old Town as a result. Or if you'd rather explore a place, feel free to do that! I don't even mind OCs, here, if you want to travel a little ways away from our team and their constellation of friends and allies.
-Johnny Jaqobis has a good day. I love everyone but have an especial fondness for him, so maybe he and Dutch get to have a good adventure, or he has some particularly good banter with Pree or Alvis or Pawter, or he and D'avin manage to find some reminiscences that make them happier rather than sadder, or he finds some awesome new tech and gets to play with it.
-This is a fandom where what-if AUs and Alternate Timeline AUs would really intrigue me! Something where Dutch met D'avin before she met Johnny, or where Pawter is still a doctor for the privileged and knows Delle Seyah, or any other canon divergence that strikes your fancy!

Requested characters: Eliza Dooley, Henry Higgs

My poor little gone-too-soon show! It was a show that aired for one partial season last year, based off Pygmalion/My Fair Lady, and it was a romcommy delight with lots of character progression in very little space. I love this show best when Eliza and Henry get to be unapologetically themselves but still learn from each other and make each other better without changing anything fundamental about each other. I like it less when it edges into slut-shaming and saying that internet friends aren't real friends, as well as it's occasional major moments of secondhand embarrassment, so if those things could be minimized I would be very grateful. I also love the ensemble! Any appearances from Charmonique, Bryn and her hipsters, Sam Saperstein, or other characters are welcome, if you happen to want to toss them in. My Selfie tag on tumblr, if you are interested!

-Somehow, some way, they end up at a performance of My Fair Lady. It's a really uncomfortable experience for both of them.
-Office shenanigans! Maybe they're on the same team (or opposite teams) for an office competition like a treasure hunt. Maybe there's an office holiday party and there's a dramatic mistletoe moment. Secret Santa? Eliza decorates Henry's office for every holiday of the year? Whatever ridiculous office things you think of would be amazing.
-If you want something a little more serious, for some reason I really want a robot AU--either or both as the robots. With how much time they spend helping each other interact more easily with the world and other humans, I think it could make for a really interesting fic.
-Established relationship shenanigans. Mostly I am one for get-togethers (and I would love to see that for this fandom also), but I would completely adore a fic involving Eliza and Henry being a power couple and their approaches working together as a team working amazingly, terrifyingly well. Or the two of them figuring out when they should move in together, or how to tell the office, or basically anything that involves them being in love and tackling something together and possibly rubbing noses!

Happy writing, author! I hope you've found something in here to catch your interest, and I look forward to seeing whatever you come up with.

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