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Dear Yuletide Writer 2016

Dear Author,

Thank you so much, first off! I want to tell you up front that I am going to be happiest with a story that you enjoy writing. If my prompts and optional details don't work for you, as long as you avoid my DNWs I will be happy to receive anything in these wonderful canons! Have you been waiting and waiting for a chance to write something I didn't quite prompt here? Go ahead! I am all about that.

If you want to know more about me and my taste in things, you can find me at lady_ragnell on the AO3 and theladyragnell on tumblr. If you've got questions that this letter or those links don't answer for you, samyazaz is a trusted friend who can hopefully help out!

General Likes and Dislikes

Likes: HAPPY ENDINGS (you can make the characters earn them with angst along the way, that's fine, I'm all about hurt/comfort, but I like to feel that everything is going to be okay), tropes (if you can think of a trope, I probably love it, with an especial fondness for marriage tropes and epistolary, but honestly everything), AUs (again, of all kinds, from setting changes to fusions to canon divergence or close-canon AUs), romance (especially the piney sort) or general focus on friendships and found families and characters caring about each other, worldbuilding, communication

Dislikes: My basic preference is that it's fine to acknowledge the upsetting and dark things that happen in a canon, sanitizing is no one's friend, but making things darker or focusing on the darkness probably won't make me as happy, especially if it comes with an unhappy ending (I'm not your girl for Crueltide, basically). The biggest thing I prefer to avoid is character death through terminal illness, particularly cancer. If you go the porny route, I would like it to be consensual, but you can go wherever the spirit moves you kink-wise within that!

Things that will not impact my enjoyment one way or the other, so do whichever YOU will enjoy: whether a fic is gen or shippy (also, I'm going to mention poly a few times, but if that's not what you're into, know that I don't tend to ship people poly unless I ship every ship within it, so if I ask for A/B/C and you're only comfortable with A/C and B along as a friend, that is 100% fine), if there's a crossover (again, my tumblr and AO3 should do a good job of letting you know what canons I'm familiar with), if it's a shippy fic whether there is porn or not

Fandom-specific likes and dislikes are below the cuts!

Characters: Galavant, Isabella, Sidney

Galavant is a high-fantasy musical sitcom, sadly canceled after its second seasons. There are eighteen half-hour episodes all told. It's such a fun romp! Lots of winks at other musicals, hijinks, fun characters and guest characters. Plus all the musical numbers are written by Alan Menken! Musical numbers in the fic optional, of course. My tumblr tag for it, if you want to know more about why I like it.

These three characters were traveling together for most of s1 and were cruelly separated for most of s2, and I love them as an OT3 (and, as mentioned above, as a friendship if you don't want to go in an OT3 direction). I also love the ensemble on this one, especially the ladies (Madalena, Roberta, all the guest ladies), so if you feel like tossing any of them in that's awesome.

-An alternate s2 where Isabella went to rescue Sid! I was so sad when that promise from s1 wasn't fulfilled.
-Post-canon adventures! Sid really came into his own as a hero at the end of the season and I'd love some continuation of that, Sid becoming a hero in his own right like Galavant (and then coming back and telling the other two about his adventures)
-Tropes! They already went on a road trip, what other tropes could we get them involved in? Love potions, bed-sharing, fake dating, whatever floats your boat
-AUs! I love any AUs for this show. For different settings, maybe space, or somewhere in the entertainment industry, or they're thieves a la Leverage. For canon-based AUs, maybe Richard never took Valencia (or Madalena?) but the three of them find each other anyway, or things got set up so Sid and Isabella had to go on a quest to rescue Galavant

Jessica Jones
Characters: Jessica Jones, Patricia Walker

Jessica Jones is part of the Netflix Marvel Cinematic Universe, and there's one season of it out on Netflix, 13 episodes (here's my tumblr tag). It's the story of a woman with superstrength who's a PI, and who ends up investigating a case that leads right into her backstory (which, fair warning, is very dark in places, though if you offered it no doubt you know that!). Trish is her best friend/adoptive sister, a child star turned radio host who takes zero bullshit and knows Krav Maga.

... Yeah, you've got me, I ship them. But as always, I'm just as interested in their friendship and family status, if you don't want to go shippy.

-Trish's relationship to fame. How was it being a child star? How was it for Jessica, being stalked by the occasional paparazzi? How did Trish transition into radio? How does the public eye impact their relationship?
-At the start of the season, I legitimately thought for a while that Trish was Jessica's ex-girlfriend. AU where this is the case, perhaps? (Them getting back together would be preferred, of course.)
-Five "I love you"s Jessica doesn't (need to) say, platonic or romantic
-Fairy tale AU of some sort, thanks to Jessica's fantasy about riding away from Kilgrave on a white horse

Characters: any

A science fiction show on SyFy, two ten-episode seasons long. A show about bounty hunters, found family, and systemic inequality, with a whole lot of spaceships and awesome sci fi worldbuilding (My tumblr tag). I love all the characters on this show dearly, thus why I'm requesting anyone! If you have a specific story with a character or set of characters or just a worldbuilding aspect, I am completely in favor, lay it on me.

My basic shipping philosophy with this show is "yes." (The only ship I can think of right now that I wouldn't be into at all is Khlyen/any of our heroes, and I'm really only into Johnny/D'avin in the sense that maybe they can share a boyfriend/girlfriend or two, but other than that.) So if you have a ship you're into, chances are I am too!

-Everyone is dating everyone! A light-hearted study in a rather dark show in how the characters make time for each other, who is dating who and who's platonic with who. I made jokes during s2 about Johnny Jaqobis and his spouse network and it could be super fun to see that play out
-Backstories! Where did Clara come from, or Sabine, or Fancy Lee? What about Pree's warlord history? What did Dutch and John get up to when they first met?
-AU where Dutch is still part of the Yardeen family but finds her way to the Quad (and the Jaqobis brothers) nonetheless
-Johnny mending himself and coming back to Dutch and D'avin and mending things with them as well (Clara and Lucy a big bonus!). Alternately, if you want to go the angst route, Dutch's reaction to finding that he's gone.
-Casefic! Either at some point before the show or in some nebulous future when everything has worked out and they can take warrants and have banter. It can be with our core of Team Awesome Force, or Fancy or Clara or even Sabine can be with them for the "episode."

Official NASA "Journey to Mars" Posters
Characters: None

A two-minute fandom! If the prompts for whatever we matched on don't work for you, this one is super fast and full of a million possibilities. Basically, NASA made a series of recruitment posters for a Mars mission, asking for people in various professions to join up for a Mars mission. That's it! This is a great place to go wild.

-Someone's first sight of one of the posters, and the decisions they have to make in order to go to Mars
-Pick two of the profession posters. How does a member from each interact with the other? How do they meet?
-Letters (well, e-mails) from someone on a Mars mission home to Earth
-The media at home following the Mars mission and the people on it as celebrities, and thus tabloid articles about people doing what would be very mundane things on Earth
-Someone with a less "necessary" profession (someone in the arts?) making a case for why they should be allowed to go on the mission
-If you're looking for an AU for any of the other fandoms I requested, I would be happy with it for all of them!

Skating Shoes | White Boots - Noel Streatfeild
Characters: Harriet Johnson, Lalla Moore

A book for young readers, originally published in 1951, about a young girl who learns to skate to recover from a long illness, and another girl who's been practicing to be a skating champion since she was very small. They become dear friends, and are practically adopted by one another's families (who are also wonderful characters, I'd welcome an appearance from any of them except perhaps Lalla's aunt). A quick read, if you matched on another canon but are interested in this one!

... Predictably, I ship them. (As adults, preferably, but if you want some teenage crushes I am fine with that.) But as always, gen is just as wonderful.

-Future fic is the name of the game with these two! Does Harriet go to the Olympics? Does Lalla become a show skater? If Harriet becomes more successful in the end, how does Lalla take it? If they just end up skating for pleasure, what else do they do in their lives? I'd love for them to be successful in some measure, but it doesn't have to be in skating.
-How about a modern AU? If you don't want to deal with the examination system from the book, pop them in the present! Do they end up meeting on the competition circuit? Does Lalla decide she would rather play hockey? (I've been reading a lot of Check Please! lately, so my mind does tend to run to hockey, but I could also see her enjoying that a lot.)(... Cutting Edge AU?)
-This would be the fandom if you want some Christmas fluff! Maybe a Christmas when Lalla and Harriet are older, spending time with the Johnsons and the Moores and checking in on their skating lives, or going to a public skate together on Christmas Eve.

Happy writing and thank you again, author! I hope you've found something to inspire you, and I can't wait to read whatever you come up with. <3

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