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Welcome and Masterpost


I am a fan of BBC's Merlin and want Arthur and Merlin to have all the sex which seems to have somehow translated into me writing them having Every Fandom Cliche Ever. This is a fic journal, so friending is open but I generally don't friend back as there is no f-locked content. Since I'm not logged in too often, I don't respond to comments that often, but each one is carefully treasured and petted and loved and named George.

If you want to get in touch with me, just ask your question directly in a comment or send me a PM, because I do respond to those, generally as soon as I see them.


I have recently started rating my fics. These ratings are in the tags, not in the header, in case people were only in a PG sort of mood or something. In general, I use the movie rating system, which means that I do rate for strong language if there is enough of it, as well as for violence and sexual content (NC-17 pretty much means that there is sex "onscreen"). A lot of times I rate to be safe, and if there are no warnings to go with a rating it's rated for language or for sexual content that doesn't need any specific warnings.

As for warnings, I generally warn based on the required warnings at [ profile] kinkme_merlin. I often warn for safety even when something shows up as a mention and not explicitly.

If I forget to warn for something in a fic, please let me know. I would much rather be aware and fix it if something triggered you than to wander along in ignorance.


If you want to do a translation, piece of fanart, podfic, or what have you for one of my stories, please consider this blanket permission for that! Just let me know when you've done it and where you've posted it so I can post a link on the story page for anybody who might want to see it.

If you prefer to read on the Archive of Our Own, all of my fics are now posted there and can be found at my page.

Fandom: Merlin

Canon Era


a sanctuary, safe and strong: R, ~3,000 words.
Morgana doesn't know when it starts for the others, but she knows it starts.


Belong to the Living: Also Uther/Ygraine. PG, ~16,000 words.
A sorceress's spell brings Ygraine back from the dead with no memory of what's happened in the years between. | When the queen is brought back, all of Merlin's secrets start coming out.

Fix the Twist in You: [Gen], PG, ~2200 words.
The longer Merlin's lies go on, the harder Arthur finds it to trust him.

For the Weary: PG, ~5,000 words.
When Arthur becomes king, Merlin overworks himself.
~Simple Math: PG-13, ~4,500 words.
After Gwen and Lancelot leave, Arthur and Merlin learn to take care of each other.

Less Than One Blow: PG, ~6,800 words.
Season One as it might have been if Merlin were born female.

Live Unbruised: [Gen], PG-13, ~3,000 words.
Merlin dreams about telling the truth.
~Sigh No More: PG-13, ~1,300 words.
Arthur may not be able to help Merlin, but he can at least keep him company for a little while.

made of dreams and bones: PG-13, ~7,500 words.
Arthur would have starved that first winter, if it weren’t for Hunith and her son. When Arthur is disinherited, he finds himself farming in Ealdor.

Proving a Point: NC-17, ~950 words.
Merlin proves Arthur wrong.

Safekeeping: PG-13, ~4,100 words.
Merlin, realizing how many people he cares about have almost died, withdraws to keep it from happening again. Arthur notices.

The Silence Between: NC-17, ~2500 words.
Merlin would do anything to get Arthur to trust him again, but he'd never expected this.

Unspoken: NC-17, ~1000 words.
Arthur's never been quite as good at grand declarations as Merlin.


Like the Tide Pulls Me Under: Also Arthur/Gwen, PG, ~2,000 words.
It doesn't feel like a choice, going to Lancelot.


Above: R, ~900 words.
Merlin shows Morgana his magic.

A Different Dream: PG-13, ~6,600 words.
To prove a point, Uther marries Morgana to Merlin near the beginning of season one, and changes destiny as a result.


Going, Going, Gone: PG, ~1800 words.
Nimueh and Ygraine have one last moment before everything changes.


A Brave and Threatened Queen: Morgana, PG-13, ~1200 words.
Morgana waits by Morgause's bedside and wonders what the future will bring.

Modern AU


And They Called It Puppy Love: PG, ~2,100 words.
In which Merlin and Arthur walk their dogs in the park a lot.

The Boy Next Door: PG-13, ~6,800 words.
In which there is pining, Merlin bakes, Arthur borrows batteries he doesn't actually need, and did I mention the pining?

Burn and Shine: PG, ~2,500 words.
Arthur pretends to be Merlin's boyfriend for a night, and they both learn far more than they bargained for.

But It's a Good Refrain: PG-13, ~23,000 words.
Arthur doesn't care much about the popular radio program Dragon's Lonely Hearts until his ex-girlfriend calls in to slag him off and get advice. When he calls in and has an on-air argument with the host, it starts off more than he expected, including meddling friends, overinvolved fans, and maybe love.

Dedication:: Also Merlin/Morgana, NC-17, ~6,700.
In which Merlin and Morgana have a lot of sex, but Merlin falls in love with Arthur anyway.

Don't Go Breaking My Heart: PG, ~4,000 words.
Arthur sucks at relationships, and Merlin's sick of it.

Drugstore Flowers: PG, ~5,000 words.
Merlin starts to receive lovely gifts (and less-lovely flowers) from a secret admirer.
~Play On: PG, ~1,500 words.
This is how it begins. (A "Drugstore Flowers" prequel.)
~The Food of Love: PG, ~1000 words.
Merlin's mp3 player breaks.

Every Story is a Love Story: NC-17, ~24,600 words.
Camelot Publishing publishes romance novels, and when Arthur founds a new imprint of gay romance and invites his best friend and pet writer Merlin to write for it, it's a bit too easy to miss the fact that apparently he's living in one.

Every Tuesday Night: Also Gwen/Morgana, PG, ~2,800 words.
Arthur and Merlin both show up at the movies every Tuesday night, and Gwen and Morgana look on and sigh.

Flies With Honey, Flies With Vinegar: PG, ~4,800 words.
When Arthur meets Merlin after several years, he discovers that while he thought his teasing was friendly, Merlin does not feel the same.

The Future Soon: NC-17, ~30,000 words.
Arthur sees a vision of himself and Merlin married and happy, but they can barely stand each other. They both start doing everything they can to avoid it happening.

The Hardest Way Possible: R, ~12,500 words.
Merlin's addicted to Craigslist, Arthur's looking for love in all the wrong places, and with a little help from their friends, they manage to get it together.

I Owe You a Love Song: PG-13, ~10,200 words.
In which Arthur's courting Gwen by mix CD (and other means) and Merlin is a backwards Cyrano de Bergerac who builds robots.
~A World of Make Believe: Freya/Gwaine, R, ~7,400 words.
Gwaine is the model for Freya's art class, and she can't seem to get him right.
~Words That I Can't Say: Elena/Mithian, PG, ~8,100 words.
Elena's got a massive crush on her politics TA, and Mithian's doing absolutely nothing to discourage it.

Isn't It Lovely How Artists Can Capture Us?": PG-13, ~11,000 words.
Arthur buys a painting at Gaius's antique shop, only to find that the subject is a wizard who's been trapped for over a century.

Just Holding Your Hand: PG-13, ~6,500 words.
In which there are copious jazz and 40s references, Elena is Arthur's BFF, and Gwaine is Jane Bennett. Yet it's somehow not crack.

Just One of Those Things: NC-17, ~6,500 words.
It starts with sex, and becomes more.
~A Trip to the Moon: NC-17, ~1,700 words.
Merlin's worried that making things official will make his relationship with Arthur weird. He really shouldn't worry.
~On Gossamer Wings: PG, ~1100 words.
Arthur and Merlin argue about when their anniversary actually is.

Map Our Escape: PG-13, ~3,000 words.
Arthur feels tied down and unhappy with his life, so he throws a dart at a map--and ends up in Ealdor.

Melt You Down / World Comes Tumbling: NC-17 overall, ~27,000 words.
Merlin has an unsettling encounter while breaking his sister out of a Pendragon Corp facility. | Arthur Pendragon is working with a group of sorcerers that plan to take his father's company apart, but when a rescue attempt goes wrong and he's forced to go into hiding, he goes to a safehouse run by Merlin, the sorcerer who started his defection in the first place.

A Metaphor of Human Bloody Existence: PG-13, ~19,500 words.
In which Merlin and Arthur (and others) band together to fight evil on the advice of a can of peas.
~If That Wasn't Bad Enough: Freya/Gwaine, PG, ~6,000 words.
Gwaine may not have groceries telling him what to do, but he does have a story.
~A Bloody Great Hot Flying Thing: NC-17, ~1,500 words.
Arthur's thinking about getting a tattoo, and Merlin talks him out of it.

No Business Like Show Business: PG-13, ~9,000 words.
In which Merlin is promoted from production intern to talent, is easily mortified, and has Post-It arguments with Arthur while the art department watches in glee. Also, there are gay dragons.
~No People Like Show People: PG-13, ~1,200 words.
Arthur and Merlin discover fanfiction for Kilgharrah's Adventures.
~Stealing That Extra Bow: PG, ~1,000 words.
Merlin gets home late and finds a surprise.
~Get That Happy Feeling: PG, ~1,000 words.
Merlin is a bit worried when he gets the first script for season four of Kilgharrah's Adventures.

Now That I'm Rich They Give Me Coffee: R, ~4,800 words.
Arthur's a rock star, Merlin doesn't live under a rock, Morgana's badass, and Will is the worst best friend ever.

Past These County Lines: R, ~6,300 words
Merlin's never skipped school, and he's never had a real conversation with Arthur Pendragon. Both of those things are about to change.

Possibly Maybe I'm Falling For You: PG-13, ~14,000 words.
Merlin walks into his favourite coffee shop one morning to find the Prince of Wales behind the till. His life only gets more surreal from there.
~Fallen Quite Hard Over You: PG-13, ~1,600 words.
Arthur and Merlin, the morning of a royal wedding.

Something Dumb to Do: PG, ~4,500.
The cardinal rule of being a wedding planner is not falling in love with the bride or groom. Arthur's never had trouble with that rule.

Till the End of Today: PG-13ish, ~2,400 words.
How do you spend the last day of the world? Also known as The One Where Merlin Prevents the Apocalypse Because He Wants to Go Out for Dinner.
~Use Words Like Forever: PG, ~1,200 words.
After the world is saved, Arthur and Merlin have to figure out what comes next.

Wedding Invitations and Blind Dates: PG, ~2,600 words.
In which Arthur is not a cliche, everyone has comfy couches, Uther is omnipotent, and Merlin has magic pockets.


Plans For You and Me: PG-13, ~6,700 words.
Elena wakes up in Gretna Green, hung over and married to her best friend. This is not how their post-grad road trip was supposed to go.


These Inconvenient Fireworks: Also Arthur/Merlin, PG-13, ~13,000 words.
Gwaine offers to let Freya stay in his flat for the week before Merlin and Arthur's wedding. He doesn't expect to fall in love, but it's definitely a bonus.


Concerto for Two Violins: Also Arthur/Merlin. NC-17, ~17,500 words.
In which Gwaine and Morgana are friends with a generous benefits package, Arthur and Merlin might be breaking up, and everyone is in the Camelot Symphony Orchestra.


If We Have That in Common: PG, ~2,000 words.
Uther lends Morgana an umbrella, and later she gives it back.


Let Myself Fall: PG-13, ~20,000 words.
Nimueh meets an old friend, Ygraine, at the hospital where she's doing her foundation year, and finds herself wrapped up in her life and trying not to fall in love with her when she's already married to someone else.


Pornathon 2011 Entries. Various pairings, NC-17.

Pornathon 2011 Leftovers. Various pairings, NC-17.

Reposting some ficlets. Includes other fandoms, various pairings, PG.

Fandom: Teen Wolf


go home, or make a home: PG, ~7,500 words.
In a world where Derek lets Scott kill the Alpha and get the cure, he has to figure out how to rebuild his life, with help from Stiles.

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