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I am so sorry, people who follow my fic from over here. I completely fell off on posting when I posted fic. But there's been, um, a lot? I got a blackout on my Trope Bingo card. And have written a few fics since. So under the cut I'm going to make a brief-ish list (titles, fandoms/pairings, maybe a little more info) of all the fics I've posted since "A Council of Queens."

Merlin, Les Mis, Xena, Sleepy Hollow, 2 Broke Girls, Pacific Rim )

Hopefully you find things in there that you enjoy, and I'll try not to go so long without updating again!
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Title: Let Me Occupy Your Mind (As You Do Mine)
Wordcount: ~14,000
Warnings: Full list of kinks and warnings at the fic, which is probably more efficient. There are a lot of them. This is basically a fourteen-thousand-word PWP.
Summary: It’s not the kind of building that has a bouncer. There isn’t a line out the front, there isn’t music pounding out into the street. There are just blacked out windows and the word Kattegat in silver block letters on the side of the building, and a short man with dark hair and a suspicious squint standing at the door checking the ID of anyone who enters. It could just be a business building, in the wrong district of the city. It could be, but it isn’t.
A/N: Looking at my life, looking at my choices. Title from Gotye's "Heart's A Mess."
Disclaimer: I do not own Vikings.

Read the fic on the Ao3.

Three Fics

Jun. 7th, 2013 12:14 am
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I thought I'd posted two fics from early last month, but it turns out I didn't, I'm sorry! And as I finished a third tonight, I figured I would post them all at once.

1. What Isn't Being Said, which was my contribution to the [ profile] rarewomen fest. It's a short gen fic for a tiiiiiny fandom called "Young Blades," which is basically The Three Musketeers: The Next Generation with a lot of crack and ridiculousness (which I will absolutely talk your ear off about if you ask me about it). In the spirit of the fest, this is two ladies who don't get to interact much in canon having some episode tags.

2. I Bet A Lot Of Folks Can Sing In Harmony, Vikings OT3, ~18k, rated E on the Ao3, a modern AU where Ragnar and Lagertha are on a tour with their band and find Athelstan busking in a park and make him their new opening act.

3. Posted tonight! Where You Go I Will Go, Vikings OT3 again, ~12k, rated E, and it is a soulmate AU where soulmates can sometimes come in threes, and that causes some amount of confusion for poor Athelstan. And also where I discover that apparently I have a lot of Ruth/Naomi feelings.

So hopefully you enjoy whichever of these are relevant to your interests!
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Title: Winter Is All Over You
Wordcount: ~4700
Warnings: Athelstan does consent explicitly to the sex, but given he is still a slave I will warn for mild dub-con. Religious guilt, historical inaccuracy, brief violence.
Summary: Winter never bothered Athelstan before, but winter in the North is a different thing.
A/N: Written for the "huddling for warmth" square on my Trope Bingo card. Title by First Aid Kit.
Disclaimer: I do not own Vikings.

Athelstan is used to denying himself indulgences. )
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Title: Hear Their Clockwork Hearts Work
Wordcount: ~1600
Warnings: non-graphic violence and off-screen minor character death, certainly less blood than canon
Summary: Ragnar finds an interesting treasure while raiding the airship Lindisfarne.
A/N: Dipping my toes into a new fandom, and filling the "au: steampunk" square on my Trope Bingo card while I'm at it! This is a re-working of the Lindisfarne raid with bonus Lagertha and airships, basically. Not tagging it so as not to get anyone's hopes up for kisses/porn, but it is pre-Athelstan/Lagertha/Ragnar. Title from "Robot Ponies" by Laura Barrett, because I have been looking for an excuse to use this line for a steampunk story for ages.
Disclaimer: I do not own Vikings.

Lagertha is the first to jump across the gap. )


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