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Title: A Council of Queens
Wordcount: ~3300
Warnings: Arthur's death and the grief from it are a theme throughout, and the fic also glances over other character death, as well as past mind control in the form of Vivian's love spell.
Summary: Mithian returns to Camelot to work towards Albion's future, and finds herself working through her own and others' complicated history with Camelot.
A/N: I have had this fic in mind pretty much since canon closed, and I am relieved I finally got it written! It is for the "futurefic" square on my Trope Bingo card.
Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin.

You can read the fic on the AO3.

Three Fics

Jun. 7th, 2013 12:14 am
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I thought I'd posted two fics from early last month, but it turns out I didn't, I'm sorry! And as I finished a third tonight, I figured I would post them all at once.

1. What Isn't Being Said, which was my contribution to the [ profile] rarewomen fest. It's a short gen fic for a tiiiiiny fandom called "Young Blades," which is basically The Three Musketeers: The Next Generation with a lot of crack and ridiculousness (which I will absolutely talk your ear off about if you ask me about it). In the spirit of the fest, this is two ladies who don't get to interact much in canon having some episode tags.

2. I Bet A Lot Of Folks Can Sing In Harmony, Vikings OT3, ~18k, rated E on the Ao3, a modern AU where Ragnar and Lagertha are on a tour with their band and find Athelstan busking in a park and make him their new opening act.

3. Posted tonight! Where You Go I Will Go, Vikings OT3 again, ~12k, rated E, and it is a soulmate AU where soulmates can sometimes come in threes, and that causes some amount of confusion for poor Athelstan. And also where I discover that apparently I have a lot of Ruth/Naomi feelings.

So hopefully you enjoy whichever of these are relevant to your interests!
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Title: The Future is Ours
Wordcount: ~3,300
Warnings: canon character death (in an alternate universe), references to half-sibling incest
Summary: Morgana wakes, and it's all been a dream.
A/N: I have wanted this fic to exist for a long time (even if by all rights it deserves Big Bang treatment), so I thought I would do it as the last part of my post-finale fics. It isn't a headcanon so much as it is basically a big screw-you to destiny the way the show does it, with bonus pre-OT4 added in.
Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin.

No one mourns the death of Morgana Pendragon. )
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Title: Scrubbing Out the Stains
Wordcount: ~3,500
Warnings: 5x13 spoilers, in case anyone has not yet seen: this is an afterlife fic, thus this fic comes with warnings for major character death and grief It's mostly gen but pairings include past Arthur/Gwen and Merlin/Freya and some Arthur/Merlin if you squint
Summary: Arthur wakes on the isle of Avalon, where he learns from its lady about his past and future.
A/N: The Arthur-POV fic for the four post-canon fics I'm writing (which are not necessarily congruent, for those who may be confused or not wanting to pick up a series in the middle). A lot of it comes from my life for Arthur&Freya in fics. Title is from Regina Spektor's "Open."
Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin.

People want to see you, but you must be well first. )
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Title: These Days of Dust
Wordcount: ~1500
Warnings: major character death, 5x13 spoilers: This is a reincarnation fic that deals both with Merlin's grief at Arthur's loss and, due to the nature of it, Merlin's repeated death. Only one is explicit at all (brief violence).
Summary: Merlin waits through lifetimes.
A/N: The second fic in the vaguely connected series I started last night (the others will happen in the new year). Title from Mumford and Sons, "I Will Wait." This is very compressed headcanon from a much longer reincarnation fic I may someday write, because I tend to like reincarnation more than immortality and wanted to work out how that might still comply with the given canon.
Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin.

He always comes back. )
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Title: Heavy is the Head (That Wears the Crown)
Wordcount: ~2300
Warnings: 5x13 spoilers: this fic is set after Arthur's death and deals with Gwen's grief as she keeps going, as well as (to some extent) Merlin's. There is also another character death. Past Arthur/Gwen, implied possible Gwen/Leon Read, as always, with your own self-care in mind.
Summary: Gwen has to be Queen. There's no time to mourn.
A/N: This is the first of four fics that I'm intending to write post-finale. There will be one for each of the OT4, but they won't necessarily all be congruent or share the same headcanons--just my way of dealing with things and assimilating the new canon. As is somehow generally true of my canon-era fic, none of them will be terribly happy.
Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin.

It isn't like the stories. )
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Title: Once Upon a Time
Wordcount: ~1800
Summary: Stiles doesn't know what his story is, but he knows he's in one. (Or: five fairy tales Stiles isn't the hero of, and one he might be.)
A/N: Because as much as I love Little Red Riding Hood, I have a lot of feelings about fairy tales and I couldn't go forever without playing with them in Teen Wolf. Also, a lot of this might be an excuse for the last line. Despite the pairing tag, it is mostly gen.
Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf.

Everyone always forgets Scott was the first one to wear a red hoodie. )
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Title: You Need Better Costumes
Wordcount: ~2,000
Warnings: crack, ridiculousness, inexplicable Doombots, also the gen comes with Strong Implications of Arthur/Merlin but I do not think that shocks most of you
Summary: When a mission takes the Avengers to England, they run across another crime-fighting team. Steve is not sure when this became his life.
A/N: For [ profile] flammablehat, who provides Tennyson when I am half expecting Lisa Frank. For the record, this is all her fault.

Might I ask what the Avengers are doing on British soil? )


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