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lady_ragnell ([personal profile] lady_ragnell) wrote2013-08-20 03:01 pm

Links to a bunch of fics from this summer

Well, [ profile] summerpornathon is over, which means it's time to link what I wrote for it over here!

This is the series on the AO3, all seven entries and one entry I wrote for the first week but didn't end up submitting. Pairing list is as follows: Gwen/Merlin (with past Arthur/Gwen/Merlin), Nimueh/Ygraine, Arthur/Elena, Arthur/Merlin, Freya/Sefa, Elena/Mithian, Nimueh/Uther/Ygraine, and Arthur/Merlin with significant amounts of Morgana.

Truth or Dare, an Arthur/Merlin modern AU, 1800 words, written for one of the bonus challenges.

Temptation, a Hunith/Will modern AU, about 1k, also written for one of the bonus challenges.

And for anyone who is curious, as a result of all these fics, this is how my Trope Bingo card is going.

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