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A whoooole bunch of fics

I am so sorry, people who follow my fic from over here. I completely fell off on posting when I posted fic. But there's been, um, a lot? I got a blackout on my Trope Bingo card. And have written a few fics since. So under the cut I'm going to make a brief-ish list (titles, fandoms/pairings, maybe a little more info) of all the fics I've posted since "A Council of Queens."

Get Lost Together, Merlin, Arthur/Freya, ~2k, the two of them get lost on a road trip.

Home Is Wherever I'm With You, Merlin, Bronwyn/George (the maid who gets sung to death in 1x01 and George who polishes brass), ~1.5k, domestic fluff.

Years Since It's Been Clear, Les Mis, Enjolras/Grantaire, ~10k, more domestic fluff, though not established relationship this time.

Feet Lift Off the Ground, Les Mis, Combeferre/Eponine, ~3k, D/s sex and fluffy aftercare.

A Shadow On My Mind, Les Mis, Enjolras/Grantaire, ~16k, presumed death and angst.

It's All I Believe In, Xena, pre-Xena/Gabrielle, ~3k, a Pacific Rim AU.

Rule Two, Sleepy Hollow, pre-Abbie/Ichabod, ~2.5k, pretend dating ridiculousness.

This Is a Beautiful Start, Pacific Rim, Raleigh/Mako, ~6k, high school AU where they fix up a car.

And the Fairy Tale Ending, 2 Broke Girls, pre-Max/Caroline, ~5k, Princess Diaries AU.

Just Like Anyone Would Bruise, Merlin, Nimueh/Uther, past Nimueh/Uther/Ygraine, ~1.5k, dark fits-in-canon fic.

Find Me A Find, Vikings, Athelstan/Lagertha/Ragnar, 16k, modern AU with college and Athelstan being ridiculous.

And the Success Story, 2 Broke Girls, pre-Max/Caroline, 1k, AU where Max is newly rich instead of Caroline newly poor.

Love Is Touching Souls, Les Mis, Enjolras/Grantaire, 14k, soulmate AU.

No Matter How Far Away You Roam, Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, 11.5k, pretend husbands and Pendragon shenanigans.

WIP That's How Easy Love Can Be, Les Mis, Enjolras/Grantaire (and many others), 17k so far, a Christmas fic where they are teachers.

Hopefully you find things in there that you enjoy, and I'll try not to go so long without updating again!

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