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Trope Bingo REDUX

Since I had such fun last time, and they had such a good list of tropes this time, I requested a card, and I got an awesome spread of things to play with! So expect these things to be showing up over the next several months:

soul bonding / soulmates futurefic forbidden fruit sex pollen curtainfic
au: historical au: romance novel mind games transformations bets / wagers
au: mundane au: royalty / aristocracy / feudal power dynamics matchmaker rites of passage / coming of age
handcuffed / bound together fake relationship role reversal chosen family first time / last time
au: other road trip in vino veritas / drunkfic au: fusion presumed dead

Also, I'm taking part in [ profile] summerpornathon again this year, so I'll be posting those fics up on the AO3 weekly, I'll link it all as a series at the end of the summer over here.

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I've seen those trope bingo cards around and I always wonder how it works... Those are some really awesome tropes though, wow, can't wait to read ALL OF THE FICS.

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Oh man, I will absolutely spread the gospel of Trope Bingo, it is such a lot of fun and a pretty flexible challenge! What you do is you go to their dreamwidth (, where they've got all the rules and regs and a list of tropes for this round and a place to sign up (and there are some fabulous tropes this round, as you can see from above--the only one I'm really sad I didn't get on my card is "epistolary"). And then you get a card and go for a bingo or blackout, but like I said, it is flexible! So if one of your pthon fics happened to fit one of your squares, that would count, or one of your graphics or AU graphics could absolutely count so it doesn't all have to be fic (I'm just a one-trick pony). And there's all the way till the end of October for the regular round, and all the way till the end of December for amnesty, so it's a nice relaxed time frame!

And I can't wait to write all of the fics, I have been brainstorming ...

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ooooh, that does sound like a lot of fun, and a nice little way of helping you along if you're stuck and don't know what to write. I'll check it out for sure... can you fill more than one square at a time? Like, what if your fic is both a soul bonding and a historical AU fic?

Your ideas are always awesome, I can't wait to see what you'll come up with :D

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It's great for being stuck! I've always done better with a prompt or something to keep me on track, so it's a great help to me. You can only fill more than one square at a time when you're doing "extras," unfortunately, which are a weird little thing you can do to get more points (welcome to Trope Bingo, where everything's made up and the points don't matter!)--I mean, you could write a soulbonding fic that's a historical AU, but it would only count for one. However, if you wanted to sidestep around that, it's quite possible to add on an epilogue or short second story in a series that uses both and count the second one as the second trope. It is, from what I can tell, quite within the letter of the law.

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hahahaha look at you knowing all the tricks to take advantage of the system in a very "here's how you can break the rules without actually breaking them" way. :D

On the one hand, it's kind of nice as it forces you to create more works, but on the other it's a bit of a shame because it's really rare that a fic will have only one trope. I guess that's the perfect time to work on short one-shots or PWPs and whatnot...

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I am all about the letter of the law, but not so much the spirit. ;)

My fics mostly ended up being relatively short last round (with two exceptions), so yes, it's definitely a good thing to do to work on short-form! As I said, if Pthon challenges comply, that will be pretty much ideal.

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Well, I might give it a try. I'm trying to find ways to make myself write more. I tend to procrastinate and also crumble under self-doubt and it's just a shitty situation and I want to get to a point where I can write pretty much every day of the week at least...

how's Pthon working for you so far?

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Building up consistency is an incredibly hard thing to do--I can keep it up for a few months at a time, and then I fall off the wagon for a few weeks, and then I try again ... but challenges are a great way to keep consistent!

Pthon is great as always--I'm finished my entry for the week so now I'm impatiently waiting for voting to go up, not to mention this week's results on Saturday! Results posts are possibly my favorite part of the 'thon, it's basically a hundred people pointing dramatically at each other going "YOUUUUU!" a lot. Are you enjoying yourself?

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It is hard. Especially since writing for me right now involves of lot of melodrama. Ugh, I really have to get over myself, it's ridiculous.

I haven't written my entry for this week yet, since it's also the week to submit rough drafts for Paper Legends and I've been sort of going crazy with that (currently working on some art for another fic, while my own fic has no ending...). Everything should be off Thursday night, so I'll spend Friday working on Pthon. I don't know if the quality will be good, but at least I'll get points for my team.

I'm really liking it so far! I wrote a kink I would have never written I think for the first challenge, so it was really fun to do. I think I might do that for this week too, idk. It's my first time doing it so I can't wait to see how the whole result thing goes!

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Oh right, PL must be making the 'thon pretty stressful this week! I am always amazed by people who can do big bangs, things that long-term tend to drive me up the wall. But hopefully all of this stress will make speeding on an entry seem like almost a relief. (Or maybe that isn't how things work for you? Not everyone thrives on Sudden Deadlines.)

Writing new kinks is one of the greatest things about pthon, my very first week in my first year I wrote pegging, which I'd sure never done before, and I've done all sorts of new things since!