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Dear Yuletide Author

Dear (Wonderful) Author,

First off, I want to say thank you for writing for me, and thank you SO MUCH for offering any and all of the fandoms we matched on, because they are all dear to my heart. I cannot wait to see what you create. I also want to say that I will probably blather on below, but the blathering is more because I like blathering about my fandoms than because I am expecting anything Super Specific out of you. If you have an idea for one of these fandoms that you want to run with, feel free! A story that you enjoy writing will definitely make me happy.

General Likes and Dislikes

Yes Please: Happy endings are definitely my biggest "yes definitely this"! Happy or at least hopeful. Angst for spice is fine (great, actually!), but overall happiness is where I am at. I'm also a romance addict, so something shippy is also nice, but definitely not required--if you are not into shipping or any ships I mention, I am entirely pleased with the G-est gen. If you do do shipping, any rating at all is fine, and femslash, slash, het, poly, any combination thereof I am totally on board with. I love worldbuilding, getting to see settings and hinted-at things explored, and the gaps in canons explored as well, what happens before and after and in the spaces in between episodes/seasons/etc. I am really fond of AUs, from "what if this tiny thing changed" to "what if they were doing all of this in high school," but I adore all these canons, so again, do not feel pressured to go with an AU. I love ensembles, strong friendships, close relationships, basically people being on each other's side. I love people getting to be competent and creative at what they do. I love hurt/comfort, pining, humor, epistolary fic, banter, UST, romcoms, get-togethers (and first times if you decide to go the porn route), and in general, the tropier the better.

No Thank You: explicit major character death, especially due to cancer or other terminal illness, is my big no. Acknowledging canon character deaths is totally fine, but a fic focused on death will probably not make me happy. I also prefer not to read: infidelity, incest, non-con, emotional or physical domestic/partner abuse (again, for any of these, if it happened in the canon it's fine to acknowledge it, but I prefer that it not be the focus). If you decide to write porn, as long as there's consent I'm pretty open to wherever the spirit movies you, but I prefer no watersports, bloodplay, or scat.

If you have any questions about my likes and dislikes, general or specific, the askbox at my tumblr is always open, anon on, so you or a friend can always ask me. You can also ask Samyazaz, on her tumblr, if you would rather I be more surprised, she has a good idea of my preferences.

Fandom-specific likes and some prompts below the cuts!


A webseries based on the novel by J. Sheridan Le Fanu. You can find it on YouTube in this playlist, and the episodes in general are short enough that if you matched on one of my other fandoms but aren't into my prompts, this might be the easiest one to get into.

Things I love about Carmilla: the ensemble, Carmilla's ridiculous nicknames for everyone, the redhead brigade, the weird worldbuilding things in the background, wonderful intrepid Laura coming into her own, shenanigans, all that good stuff. I'm on board the Laura/Carmilla train, but I love Danny too (OT3? If you're up for it, that's great). A fic involving any or all of these things would make me super happy.

Specific prompts:

-Something about the weird and wild world they live in would be great! I have an especial fondness for the glee club, after that throwaway joke, so bonus points for that, but also anything about the library, the alchemy club, etc. would be a joy. I love how they all take it in stride (except for poor Perry), if with some exasperation
-LaFontaine having some kind of adventure, a la crashing the faculty club!
-Laura and Carmilla sharing a less-interrupted, but probably just as awkward, date (or maybe Carmilla Meeting The Parent?)
-Danny and Carmilla reluctantly bonding


A TV show, in its second season, about Mary Queen of Scots coming into her own at the French court. You can find the most recent several episodes of Reign on Hulu.

Things I love about Reign: All the ladies and how much Mary and her ladies especially care for each other, the politics and game of give-and-take they all have to play, Mary and Francis and their in-sync power-couple dynamic, the occasional forays into suddenly being a Bronte novel, and how clever all the characters are (especially Catherine!). I tend to be fondest of this show when it is at its most whimsical and fun, whether it's the ladies giggling over romance or Francis and Mary twirling around in flower petals, so some happiness for all these poor beleaguered people would be great.

Specific prompts:

-I just thought of this today, but I'm so in favor: a space AU! Whether it's the Starfleetesque kind or more Star Wars or Firefly, or basically anything, I would just really enjoy seeing how things are mapped out in space (Captain Catherine? Lord Castleroy's intergalactic spice trade empire? Mary and her ladies as daredevil pilots?)
-Mary and her ladies getting up to something as a team: planning a party? Trying to matchmake some courtiers? If you can dream it and they are all hanging out together having fun, I will be all for it
-If you feel up for it, I'd love to see some Mary/Francis/Lola, whether PWP or a slowburn coming-together, in canon or in an AU

How to Get Away with Murder

A TV show, new this season, about a bunch of law students and the charismatic, intelligent law professor/defense attorney they work with. You can find the most recent episodes of this show on Hulu.

Things I love about How to Get Away with Murder: My big one for this is how CLEVER everyone is. I love that they are competent and smart and a little ruthless--I fondly call this my show of Slytherins. I love taking guesses at what happens in the gaps between current events and the murder. I love wondering what happened before the show began, and what will happen after that night at the bonfire. I love the contentious team, and all the different strengths and interactions they bring to it. I LOVE Professor Keating and all the different sides of her that we are shown. I've requested Keating, Bonnie, Laurel, and Wes because they're my favorites, but any of the others (except maybe Asher) are more than welcome.

Specific prompts:

-My biggest ship wish I haven't seen a lot of yet is Laurel/Bonnie, and I would love to see any take you have on that (or even them interacting in a gen fic, their dynamic so far is really interesting)
-A view, whether from Bonnie or Professor Keating, or perhaps from a random law student if you'd be into doing an OC, of what the group working from Professor Keating looks like from outside
-Wes and Laurel's friendship really interests me. Something with them interacting and becoming better friends would be really lovely

The Quest

A reality show involving people being transported to a fantasy land called Everrealm (the nominated characters are the actors who help the contestants, called Paladins, in their quest). You can find all ten episodes in the first season of this show on Hulu, and it's another one pretty easy to get into if you matched on something else but are not fond of my prompts for it.

Things I love about The Quest: I love how good-hearted all of them (well, not the Vizier, but the rest) are especially. World's happiest reality show! I love how loyal Ansgar and Crio are both to Ralia, the hints at backstory she and Crio especially give. I love that Ansgar is basically Fantasyland Gordon Ramsay. If you want Paladins in the background, Bonnie is my hands-down FAVORITE, but feel no pressure there, since Paladins were not nominated and this show is already blurry on the RPF/fictional line. I also really enjoy the world, the idea of Verlox as a recurring problem and whether they think they can ever defeat him entirely.

Specific ideas:

-My biggest one here is Ralia/Ansgar, because queens and their loyal knights are completely my jam. His obvious adoration for her is so good for me, so some long-term pining coming to fruition would be GREAT. Adding Crio into the mix and seeing what comes of it would be equally great
-Backstory! More about Ralia and her brother, about how the Vizier became evil, about Crio and why he has such faith in the Paladins, or Ansgar and his life. How long has Verlox been coming? How long have they been preparing?
-Silly AU where somehow they end up in our world, figuring out their way around and perhaps having to Do Some Task before the Fates will allow them to return


A TV show, in its first season, that's a modern retelling of My Fair Lady/Pygmalion, where Eliza Dooley and Henry Higgs and friends (or acquaintances) take on modern life and friendship. You can find the most recent episodes of this show on Hulu.

Things I love about Selfie: Eliza and Henry teaching each other how to be better and more functional people while still being unapologetically who they are, Charmonique's whole existence, the fact that all of them are good at what they do (INCLUDING ELIZA, that best sales rep thing can't be down just to people objectifying her). Episode four was pretty much ideal for me in terms of what I like to see out of this show. (I like the occasional slut-shaming and "internet friends aren't real friends" much, much less, I would like to avoid that where possible.) I love the boss, Sam Saperstein, but he's not a nominated character so zero pressure there. I am into Eliza/Henry, or Eliza/Henry/Charmonique! Definitely in favor, since this show is so romcommy. I like that people occasionally burst into song, and cherish hopes that Bryn and her hipsters will become something of a Greek chorus for the show.

Specific prompts:

-Somehow, a ballroom dancing class. Does Henry think it would be good for Eliza? Does Charmonique want to practice and drags them along with her? Does Eliza do it because Bryn and her hipster friends think it would be ironic?
-Eliza and Henry are either on the same team or on opposing teams for some kind of team-building work competition, a treasure hunt or paintball or something. They get really really intense about it. Charmonique more than welcome to join in, on either side.
-Really, really, any office-y shenanigans are going to be gold for me here. Office holiday party where someone wakes up not sure if the mistletoe kisses were imagination or real, or an office Secret Santa? A retreat where they are all really bad at the outdoors? Let your imagination fly!

Happy writing, author! Do not hesitate to contact me or Samy if you've got questions.