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Title: Here to Hold on To
Wordcount: ~14,800
Warnings: minor character death, hospitals/illness (specifically Erica's epilepsy), mentions of bullying and miserable high school experience (also due to Erica's epilepsy, nothing more explicit than in canon), minor bloodplay towards the end. There's no sex, but Laura is very aware nonetheless of Erica's age.
Summary: A chance meeting in the hospital the morning after Laura kills Peter leaves Laura with a telepathic connection to a teenager she'd never met before--one who, after she finds out about werewolves, wants the bite.
A/N: Written for the "telepathy" square on my Trope Bingo card, and for Femslash February. Title from "City," by Sara Bareilles. Also, who is in the least bit surprised that my longest Teen Wolf fic to date is extremely rarepair femslash?
Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf.

Read it here on the AO3.
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Title: Once Upon a Time
Wordcount: ~1800
Summary: Stiles doesn't know what his story is, but he knows he's in one. (Or: five fairy tales Stiles isn't the hero of, and one he might be.)
A/N: Because as much as I love Little Red Riding Hood, I have a lot of feelings about fairy tales and I couldn't go forever without playing with them in Teen Wolf. Also, a lot of this might be an excuse for the last line. Despite the pairing tag, it is mostly gen.
Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf.

Everyone always forgets Scott was the first one to wear a red hoodie. )
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Sorry it's been a while, everyone! I've been working on a few things and busy with life, but I'm signed up for Merlin Holidays so I'm doing that, and there's a few other Merlin (and Teen Wolf) fics that I've got in my head that I can hopefully get around to now that I finished my Avengers fic.

Speaking of! An Assembly Such as This, my Avengers Regency romance novel (with cisf!Tony, Bruce, and Fury) is completed as of about ten minutes ago, coming in around 39,000 words. So if you have been wanting to read but are leery of WIPs, now is the time.

Also, realized the other day that I never announced it here when I posted my entries from the Merlin Summer Pornathon, so the series on AO3 is here. It's a variety of pairings and tones, all NSFW, and I had bunches of fun writing most of them so I hope you enjoy.

Lastly, I wrote a gen Teen Wolf fic last week (at the moment, I'm not posting the text of any Teen Wolf fics I write on this journal and just linking to the AO3 because I assume that most people who have me friended here are here for Merlin. If that's not the case, let me know, I have no problem posting full text over here as well!), Stiles-centric, lots of angst (what is this fandom doing to me?).

Hope you all enjoy, and I hope to have some fic for you all soon!
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Title: go home, or make a home
Wordcount: ~7500
Summary: In a world where Derek lets Scott kill the Alpha and get the cure, he has to figure out how to rebuild his life, with help from Stiles.
A/N: So apparently I write Teen Wolf fic now? Anyway, this is based off of this prompt at the Teen Wolf kink meme, and the title is from Neil Gaiman's poem "Instructions."
Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf.

You've already made your decision. )


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